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​19 Things Every Bride Should Include in a Wedding Binder

Posted by Sandy D. on

Unfortunately, there’s no way (yet) to teleport from saying “I do” to your wedding day. With a lot to plan in the meantime, you’ll be turning to the same tool brides have been using for decades: the three-ring wedding binder.

From venue selection to catering menus, budget tracking and beyond, it’s important to keep all your wedding planning information in one central location. While you can do this digitally, good old-fashioned paper records may actually be the better route—that way, you can have your binder on hand to reference during walk-throughs and when meeting with vendors.

What should every bride include in a wedding binder? While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the information you’ll need, this will at least get you started:

* Wedding planning checklist

* Budget worksheet (with vendor payment information)

* Vendor information/pricing

* Vendor contact sheets

* Contracts

* Insurance information (i.e., wedding ring, reception)

* Receipts

* Rehearsal information (i.e., rehearsal dinner guest list)

* Wedding guest list

* Photography shot list

* Décor information (list and who is bringing what)

* Ceremony text and program

* Menus

* Seating chart

* Day-of timeline

* Day-of task assignments

* “Important person” contacts

* Emergency vendor contacts

* Honeymoon/travel info

Section off similar information in a way that makes sense to you (i.e., by item type, by event type, or by deadline dates) to label and sort your binder. Voila! You’ll have a reference you can keep for months (even years) after your wedding is over.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pexels)

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