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​4 Creative Ways to Ask for Wedding Planning Help

Posted by Sandy D. on

It’s nearly impossible to plan and orchestrate a traditional wedding completely solo. And, let’s face it, not everyone is thrilled to donate their time and energy for someone else’s wedding. Luckily, there’s ways for you to get things done AND keep your friends and family happy.

How are you supposed to get help without overloading other people? Here are four ideas to try:

1. Ask for help in exchange for a wedding gift

Do you have a relative or friend with a skill that would lend itself to your wedding (i.e., photography or graphic design)? Barter for their services by letting them know it would save them a trip to the store for a wedding gift. They’ll appreciate their time is being recognized as worth a cost, and that they get to contribute to your wedding in a small way.

2. Host an invite-stuffing party

Sorting, labeling, stuffing and tracking all your wedding invitations is a hefty task for a bride (or even couple). Invite some friends or the bridal party over for some food and wine to help stuff and sort wedding invitations before they go out. It will be fun to catch up, they’ll enjoy free food and you get a task accomplished in a fraction of the time.

3. Create a “crafting” night in for décor and favors

Putting together hundreds of favors and dozens of decoration items could take weeks or months to do on your own. But, if you invite some friends over to help as an excuse to do a fun craft together, you can get that done in a night instead! You could also take advantage of down time at any family get-togethers to get some favor and décor help.

4. Request last-minute quality time with your bridal party

You’re likely going to have lots of time-sensitive, last-minute items to check off your checklist right before your wedding day. Ask your bridal party to stay before or after your rehearsal dinner to help with any big last-minute to-do’s, like table decorations or flower arrangements. They’ll appreciate the quality time before the chaos, and you’ll have less to worry about day-of.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pexels)

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