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​4 Ways to Use (And Not Abuse) Pinterest for Wedding Inspiration

Posted by Sandy D. on

Only a few years ago—when Pinterest was still a fledgling startup—eager brides were pinning and re-pinning images of the “perfect” do-it-yourself country chic wedding. Almost everyone was on the hunt for a renovated barn, mason jars and the perfect fall weekend for their nuptials. As a result, wedding guests saw the same Pinterest-inspired décor at every wedding they attended for the next few seasons.

Don’t fall into the trap of having the one-size-fits-all wedding! Truly memorable weddings are unique to the couple and their interests. Don’t get me wrong—Pinterest is still a great tool and resource for brides when it comes to wedding planning, just when used appropriately. Here are three good ways to use Pinterest without copying someone else’s style:

* Go abstract: It’s easy to end up with multiple style influences (i.e., classic and trendy) rather than one clear theme and focus. To avoid that, start by creating an inspiration board and pinning colors, textures, items and places you both love. From that you can get a sense of what your unique style will be for your wedding and get your creative juices flowing.

* Include your own twist on old favorites: If you do pin wedding-specific ideas, don’t aim for identical replicas. Keep it fresh! Instead of an antique car, consider a motorcycle or carriage ride ceremony exit. Instead of chalkboard table numbers, try oversized Scrabble letters spelling out the numbers.

* Leverage your location: You can furiously pin away, and still not have ideas that work with your specific venue. Try to find photos of weddings at your venue so you can get a great feel for your space, and then pin ideas that will let your venue shine. Bonus if you can find ideas that also incorporate your geographic location (i.e., cowboy boots for Texas).

* Use yourself for inspiration: So often we forget that Pinterest allows us to upload our own photos (not just website photos or other wedding photos). Reserve one board specifically for pinning photos of your dress, venue, finished décor, etc., so that you can use your OWN wedding to inspire additional ideas. This way you can be sure that everything matches your vision and get a great preview to what your wedding will actually look like!

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

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