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​5 Regrets Newlyweds Have About Their Weddings

Posted by Sandy D. on

Wedding couples often experience pressure to pull off a “perfect” wedding, which comes at the expense of their pocketbooks (and sanity). Do you ever wonder if what you’re investing in will actually be worth it?

While there’s no guarantee that you’re wedding choices or vendors will pan out, you can learn a lot from bridal veterans who have recently walked down the aisle. A survey of 2,000 brides and grooms conducted by Dana Rebecca Designs found that many newlyweds have similar regrets.

Based on the survey, here are some of the common themes that couples wished they would have changed:

1. Invested in different budget items: The survey found most couples wished they would have spent more on their honeymoon, rings and photographer (and less on their dress and invites).

2. Saved more money in general: Half of the survey respondents said they would use the savings for planning for their future and 26% said they would have invested the savings into their honeymoon.

3. Changed the number of guests: Couples were split in their regrets for inviting more or less guests (41% said more, 41% said less), and 18% said they wished they would have invited different people.

4. Adjusted the bridal party: Some couples (36%) said they wished they would have asked more friends to be a part of the bridal party, while 30% said they should have asked less friends and 34% said they should have asked different friends.

5. Enjoyed the wedding more: Nearly half (47%) of those who answered the survey said they wish they would have been able to relax and celebrate their own wedding.

The good news? A vast majority (90%) of the couples surveyed agreed that the good outweighed the bad when it came to their wedding. You can’t protect yourself from all wedding pitfalls, but you can choose to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of your wedding day.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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