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​5 Topics to Avoid During a Wedding Toast

Posted by Sandy D. on

Have you ever been at a wedding and heard a toast that made you cringe? Wedding toasts are meant to celebrate, honor and encourage a bridal couple, but some wedding speeches can end up doing the opposite (despite the speaker’s best intentions).

If you’re in a bridal party and set to do a wedding toast, it’s helpful to know what not to include in your ode to the happy couple. Before you start planning your wedding speech, here are just a few topics that should be off-limits:

1. Old flames

It’s not a good idea to discuss details of a bride or groom’s dating history. Bringing up former beaus can be disrespectful to that person’s new mate (and isn’t a great way to celebrate their relationship).

2. Embarrassing couple stories

Did the couple meet drunkenly on the dance floor? By dating mutual acquaintances? Not everybody needs to know meeting stories that may be somewhat dicey (no matter how interesting or comical you believe them to be).

3. Disparaging jokes about marriage

Sarcastic or dark humor about marriage may spur a few laughs, but it will likely leave a bitter taste for the bride and groom. It’s better to keep thoughts about marriage lighthearted and positive.

4. Negative stories from the past

You might have dozens of great stories from your drunken fraternity days or other embarrassing stories about the past you’re dying to share, but save those for sharing at a different venue. Keep things classy!

5. Information about yourself

Wedding guests want to learn more about the bridal couple—and less about you and your past history with the bride or groom. Feel free to share who you are and how you know the bride or groom, but keep a majority of the focus on the wedding couple.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pexels)

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