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​5 Wedding Themes That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted by Sandy D. on

Wedding planning on a budget? Many couples are looking for ways to keep costs down (considering the average wedding costs over $30K). If you’re not too far down the rabbit hole of planning yet, you may want to think about picking a budget-friendly theme.

Brides and grooms can cut a surprising amount of costs just by choosing themes that are inexpensive to coordinate. Here are five favorite themes that won’t cost a pretty penny:

1. Vintage: Secondhand doesn’t have to mean second-rate. Bridal couples can find everything from antique engagement rings to gorgeous dresses and decorations from secondhand shops, Ebay, and estate sales (either in-person or on sites like

2. Literary: For the true bookworms, a literary theme is classic (and cheap). You can use books you have at home or find at library sales for décor, and upcycle printed pages into fans or favors.

3. Woodland: A woodland theme is perfect for an outdoor or woodsy venue. Incorporate the natural setting as part of your décor, and use found items from nature (like leaves, pine cones, and branches) for free décor accents.

4. Rustic: A farm or country venue lends itself well to a rustic theme. Create inexpensive country charm with antiques, home-grown flowers and bales of hay.

5. Travel: If you both have a bit of wanderlust in you, a travel theme showcases a part of your personality (and saves you money). Maps can be found free or for a nominal cost, and can be decoupaged or crafted into all your décor—bonus if the maps show places you’ve traveled separately or as a couple!

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pexels)

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