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​7 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

Posted by Sandy D. on

We’re headed full steam into the sultry summer months of the 2018 wedding season, and the verdict for wedding florals is in: Pastels are on the decline in favor of more bold, vibrant floral statements. Wedding flowers are evolving from being subtle accents to taking center stage, creatively adorning the bridal party as well as your ceremony and reception space.

Here are just a few of the biggest trends you’ll see at June, July and August weddings this year:

1. Vibrant colors

Pastels have had more than their moment as the top choice for brides over the past few years. Many brides are bucking this trend to choose highly-pigmented and bold colors for their wedding flowers.

2. Floral jewelry

Brides are opting to forgo metallic jewelry in place of more wild, natural-looking floral adornments. These include floral tiaras (think: Smaller floral crown), bracelets (i.e., corsages) and statement necklaces.

3. Yellow and orange

Yellow and orange are popular color choices for fall weddings, but more and more brides are choosing these hues for their summer palettes. Popular tones include apricot, peach, buttercream, muted yellow, copper and pumpkin.

4. Violet hues

The ultra-violet purple color and its various “saturated” color tones and hues are the most popular color choice of the season. These floral shades range from burgundy and wine to plum and magenta.

5. Moss

Moss seems to be replacing leaves and other foliage as a 2018 trend. The use of moss instantly adds a romantic fairy tale or secret garden ambiance to wedding décor.

6. Succulents

Succulents have been super trendy in home décor use, and now they’re just as trendy in floral arrangements. Their muted gray-and-green tones offer a neutral accent to almost any combination of color and flowers.

7. Floral statements

Floral walls were a big trend in 2016-2017, but floral experts predict this statement trend will soon be on the decline. Instead, florals will creatively cling to ceilings or trail off the end of tables in oversized arrangements.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pinterest)

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