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​7 Reasons Planning a Rehearsal Dinner Will Feel Like Planning a Mini-Wedding

Posted by Sandy D. on

7 Reasons Not to Procrastinate Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

You’re feeling pretty accomplished with your wedding planning, but then you remember: There’s still the rehearsal dinner to plan!

Rehearsals and rehearsal dinners are a fun way to spend time with your closest friends and family before things get too busy, but sometimes planning them can feel like putting together a mini-wedding. Many procrastinating brides wait until the last minute to book a rehearsal dinner venue and work on the details, and find themselves overwhelmed with all the surprising “to-dos” on their list.

Think of your rehearsal dinner as the warm-up to your wedding day, with all the same people and even some of the same pieces. Here are just some of the same things from your wedding that you’ll have to plan for with a rehearsal dinner:

1. A Guest List: You’ll need to decide who to invite to your rehearsal dinner from those who have RSVPed “yes” to your wedding. That usually includes the bridal party and immediate family, but can also include extended family, close friends and out of town guests.

2. Invitations: Once you decide who you want at your rehearsal dinner, you’ll need to send invitations (either separately or included with your wedding invitations) so guests can plan appropriately.

3. A Catering Head Count: Once you get your rehearsal dinner RSVP counts back, you’ll have to give a head count to your venue. Depending on the amount of guests, you may also have assigned seats or food options like your wedding.

4. Decorations: Not all brides opt for rehearsal dinner décor, but some include flowers, framed photos of the bride and groom, candles, signs, streamers, balloons and more. Or, if the view is scenic enough, you can have your venue itself stand in for decorations.

5. Dinner: Just like your wedding dinner, your guests will be enjoying dinner (and likely drinks). Popular venue choices usually include “traditional” style meal options that many guests would enjoy, but you could also branch out and pick a non-traditional food venue or a venue that is meaningful to your relationship.

6. Speeches: Rehearsal dinners often include speeches (by the bride and groom, parents or other guests). If your guest list is long, plan for a microphone or A/V equipment.

7. Gifts: Typically “thank you” gifts are handed out at rehearsal dinners, instead of gifts being given to the bride and groom like at your wedding.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pinterest, Pexels)

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