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​8 Amazing Ways to Reuse Wedding Flowers

Posted by Sandy D. on

Wedding flowers are gorgeous—and expensive—so it can be heartbreaking to simply toss blooms in the trash when the wedding day is over. The good news: You don’t have to! With a little pre-planning (and elbow grease), you can give new life to your old buds.

Here are eight creative ways to recycle your wedding flowers:

1. Use potted plants as centerpieces

You can reuse potted plant decorations after your wedding, give them away or even resell them (also, some nurseries and florists will allow you to “rent” and return potted flowers for your event).

2. Re-pot certain flower species

Hardy plants that can be out of the soil for several days (like succulents) can be re-potted.

3. Turn your flowers into potpourri

Use a recipe like this one to turn your bouquet or other wedding flowers into fragrant, long-lasting potpourri!

4. Incorporate flowers into a candle

Create DIY floral candles from your blooms (or pay a company to create some for you).

5. Recycle flowers into stationary

You can hire companies to convert your flowers into thank you cards, stationary or photo album pages—or, if you’re brave, you can DIY handmade paper from pulp.

6. Press into a floral keepsake

Press your bouquet under heavy books for 7-10 days, then glue them to paper or frames to preserve your precious petals.

7. Gift flowers to another bride

If you (or your florist) know a bride with a wedding within days of your own, you can always share—and split costs for—wedding flowers.

8. Donate flowers to charity

Hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, cemeteries and funeral homes are great places to recycle your used flowers (just make arrangements ahead of time!).

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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