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​Did Your Fiancé Commit One of These 5 Marriage Proposal Mistakes?

Posted by Sandy D. on

In the days of viral wedding proposal videos and over-the-top prom proposals, proposing marriage can be a little…well, terrifying. Future fiancés face an enormous amount of pressure to put together the perfect proposal (one that brides and grooms will enjoy repeating for many years to come). With nerves at an all-time high, well-meaning brides and grooms can stumble into these common proposal blunders:

1. Proposing too early:

Some grooms are so excited to have found “the one” that they propose weeks—or only a few months—into the relationship. Not only can this scare a potential bride away, but it can raise unnecessary alarm bells. If the bride does say yes, the rush to the alter might raise some family members’ eyebrows!

2. Asking sans ring:

A recent survey showed that “proposing with no ring” was ranked as the number one engagement faux pas. Sure, you want to keep an element of surprise (and let your fiancé have a say in what her ring looks like), but you can have your fiancé choose a few favorites in advance. Or, if the element of surprise is absolutely necessary, choose a placeholder ring until a final ring is selected.

3. Allowing an audience:

In the movies wedding proposals are usually somewhere ultra-public, such as a crowded restaurant or packed family reunion. In reality, a proposal is nerve-wracking enough without throwing in extra eyeballs! Unless you both absolutely love the spotlight, it’s best to keep your special moment as private as possible.

4. Spilling the beans:

In the excitement of getting the ring and preparing a proposal, a groom can sometimes blab the plan to friends, family, the local florist and the guy who services his vehicle. But, while this secret is burning a hole in your pocket, remember that news travels fast. You don’t want to completely ruin your fiancé’s surprise and joy about sharing your proposal story.

5. Skimping on the romance:

No marriage proposal has to be perfect, but it should be special to you as a couple. You don’t need fireworks and a limo to propose, but you should put a good amount of thought and effort (and romance!) into a proposal. Even if your fiancé isn’t the “romantic” type, she’ll enjoy some extra effort for a moment that lasts a lifetime.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from  Pexels)

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