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​How to Create a “B-List” for Wedding Invites

Posted by Sandy D. on

Putting together your wedding guest list is one of the biggest “to-dos” on your wedding planning checklist—and it can be a total headache. Who makes the cut, and who doesn’t? If you have a lot of people you’d like to invite, but need to limit your guest count due to budget or capacity limits, you might want to consider a wedding invitation “B-list.”

An invitation “B-list” is basically a list of potential guests you’d like to have (but don’t need to have) at your wedding. These guests are usually invited at some point after your initial invitations have been mailed. If you’re wondering how this list could work successfully, here are a few tips and pointers:

1. Divide your initial list into an “A” and “B” list

You’ll want to put some intentional thought into who you want on both of your invite lists (rather than simply adding guests randomly as you think of new ones). Once you’ve reached your limit on your “A-list,” start your “B-list” so you know exactly how many guests can fill empty spots.

2. Prioritize your “B-list”

Instead of lumping all your second-string guests together, rank them by how much you want them to be there. That way, you’ll be able to fill empty spots from your initial RSVPs with the top of your second list.

3. Group friends and family together

Be strategic about who is on both of your wedding invitation lists, in order to avoid offending your second-string guests. For example, if you invite one co-worker first and then another later, your co-workers might quickly discover the reason for the delayed invitation.

4. Have two RSVP deadlines

If you’re planning to send out B-list wedding invitations, you may want to send your initial invitations out earlier than the traditional six-to-eight-week window and have an earlier RSVP deadline than for your B-list.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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