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Pros and Cons of Dancing Between Courses at Your Reception

Posted by Sandy D. on

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make about your wedding is your reception format. If you’re dinner is plated, a popular reception format is having all courses served consecutively and then starting the dancing and partying afterward. However, another option is dancing between courses (often called an “East Coast Style” reception format).

Some couples don’t even realize they have this alternative reception style available to them. If you’re unsure of why you would or wouldn’t want to do dancing between courses, we’ve outlined to pros and cons:


  • Breaks up a long meal: If you have 3-4 courses (or more) plus a wedding cake, this prevents your guests from simply waiting for food and allows their food to digest.
  • Gives your guests a chance to stretch their legs: This is a great option for guests who want extra time to mingle with guests not at their table and who don’t like to spend too much time sitting.
  • Allows a break between dances: Dinner courses between dancing can provide a much-needed time for guests to rest before heading back to the dance floor.
  • Prevents your guests from getting bored: Along with food courses, your guests will constantly be entertained by toasts, music, dancing and conversation.


  • Guests can’t “ease” into dancing: This format often means dancing starts right away, which means guests will have limited time to transition to grooving.
  • Might result in a more “tame” wedding: With the no clear lines between the dinner and party portion of your reception, guests might keep a low-energy vibe for a longer period of time.
  • Prolongs time spent eating: This style means everyone will have something in their belly, but it may mean a very late dinner hour (leaving those used to an early dinner hungry).
  • Can annoy avid dancers: For guests who really enjoy dancing, constant breaks might be an irritating annoyance.

Regardless of the reception format you choose, rest assured your guests will eat, drink and be merry.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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