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​Should You Have Wedding Favors?

Posted by Sandy D. on

Wedding favors are a timeless tradition. They serve dual-duty as a way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day and as a memento of your nuptials. However, many practical and budget-conscious brides are tossing tradition to the wind and ditching favors.

Are wedding favors on the decline? With how long wedding favors have been around, its not likely that favors will go completely out of style. Still, we’re seeing more and more favors-less weddings as a rising trend.

Why are people opting for no favors?

* Costs: Even when choosing an inexpensive favor, costs can add up for a large group of guests. For some brides, favors can be easily substituted in the budget for another wedding expense.

* Wastefulness: Some brides worry that their favors will get left or thrown away (and therefore be a waste of money and effort). While monogrammed wine glasses are pretty and useful in the moment, you can’t guarantee your guests will be sipping from them for years to come.

* Extravagance: For many couples, the goal is a simple and streamlined wedding. Therefore, favors are an unnecessary “extra” on the wedding table.

* Work: Unless you’re employing a wedding planner to create your decorations for you, favors require additional time and effort to order, sort, package, and place on table settings. Cutting out this piece of wedding planning means one less “to-do” to worry about on your big day.

Should my wedding include favors or not?

Your choice to include or not include favors in your wedding will depend on your goals, budget and preferences. There may be some guests or bridal party members who raise their eyebrows at the idea of not having a party favor at every place setting, and others who will hardly notice. If you like the idea of having favors but still want to be practical, consider wedding favors that are inexpensive but useful (like seeds, tea or stationary).

Here's our favorite unique wedding favor idea, check these out!

Jack Daniels mini bottle wedding favors

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pinterest)

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