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​The 8 Personality Types That Will Be at Your Wedding

Posted by Sandy D. on

Every wedding is unique because every couple is different. Almost all weddings, however, share the same types of guests. Here are eight types of wedding guests you can expect at your wedding:

1. The person who loves to groove on the dance floor. You’ve all seen this guy (or gal) at a wedding before—the one who makes a beeline for the dance floor once the opening song starts, and makes everyone giggle by doing the worm or perfectly timed splits. We tip our hats to you, whoever you are.

2. The person who drinks way too much. The combination of an open bar, good music and good friends can be too tempting for some wedding guests. You can usually find this person sans shoes, stumbling around on the dance floor or sobbing about the lack of late-night appetizers.

3. The person who secretly wants to be a DJ. There’s usually at least one person who camps out at the DJ station with song requests. You better hope everyone loves the “Electric Slide.”

4. The person who attempts to kindle (or re-kindle) a romance. For some single guests, a wedding means one thing: A hunt for a hookup. This type of guest will have already scoped out all the singles and narrowed down his or her focus—and is going in for the kill by the second song.

5. The person who wants to share every embarrassing memory. Whether it’s an old friend or family member—especially one you haven’t seen in years—this guest will always bring up the most random and ridiculous stories from your past. Good luck keeping that time you peed your pants at school a secret from everyone within earshot.

6. The person who makes the most awkward speech ever. Odds are at least one of the wedding speeches will bomb, and bomb spectacularly. Grin and bear it, and hope that no one remembers it in a few years.

7. The person who slips out after speeches…and then pretends they were there the whole time. They’ll usually try to compensate by over-complimenting your ceremony and decorations.

8. The person who doesn’t want the party to end. Whether it’s due to sheer happiness or simply having a babysitter for the night, this person does his or her best to keep the comradery going well past the time the venue closes its doors. Because who needs sleep after the best day of your life?

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pinterest, Pexels)

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