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​What Happens if a Wedding Guest Bails?

Posted by Sandy D. on

Have you ever noticed a list of escort cards at a wedding that were never picked up? No matter how carefully you curate your guest list, you’ll likely get at least one guest that doesn’t show up who RSVPed as “yes.”

For brides and wedding planners, this can be extremely frustrating—especially for served dinners arranged with caterers. How do you handle situations in which a guest ditches your wedding?

If a guest tells you ahead of time:

Ideally, you’ll leave some wiggle room time between your RSVP deadline and your catering count deadline. That way, if someone changes their mind within that window you can simply update your count and orders with your caterer, and remove their name from any escort cards or guest lists. Some caterers will be forgiving and flexible even after their catering count deadline before charging you the complete bill.

If the meal is already paid for, try to curb your frustration and thank the guest for letting you know ahead of time. This at least gives you time to remove them from any public lists and seating charts.

If a guest doesn’t show up that day/night:

Unfortunately, it happens: Guests either have something come up, or think they can simply slip away from your special day unnoticed. A good caterer (or wedding planner) is equipped to handle these very situations, if informed a guest is not attending. If a chair remains empty or an escort card is not picked up, the chair and/or escort card can simply be removed. For served dinners with seating assignments, caterers will likely notice an absence and discreetly handle the situation.

The good news is you probably won’t even notice what faces you didn’t see among all the happy faces that do show up to support you on your big day! 

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pinterest, Pexels)

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