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Mother of the Bride Photo Art

  • Mother of the Bride Photo Art
  • Mother of the Bride Photo Art
  • Mother of the Bride Gift Idea
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Mother of the Bride Photo Art


Product Description

Your Mom was there for you...wiped your nose, dried your eyes and helped you become the woman (or man) you are today. Find a photo of the two of you for the "I love my mom collection". Write a Letter to your mom (see the vendor's below for ideas) before your wedding, dance with mom and lyrics or just sayings about your mom....get creative!

Also, works great for Mother of the Groom too!

Turn your photo into a beautiful vintage display piece for your wedding. Your photo will be printed on metallic photo paper. You will receive: a 11x14 or 12x12, piece of art ready to frame depending on the layout of your picture.  If you want a different size, just include in notes during checkout. 

Your piece of Art will also be uploaded to an online gallery, where more than likely, you will end up with a few different variations of your piece. 


This is the letter MyArt2Cherish wrote to her mother the day before her wedding. Use it as a guideline or write your own...

To Mom: 
I didn’t know until I was grown, 
but a Mother is truly the heartbeat of the home.
I’ve heard the jokes, the sayings 
but had no idea what a responsibility that was.
You handled it so well…so “effortlessly”.
It never occurred to me that you and Dad 
might want some time just for the two of you.

The earliest memories I have are of 
playing in the backyard on Pecan Street.
In the dirt…in the mud…in the rain.
I never stopped to think about 
who had to clean us up when all the 
good times were through.
I didn’t think about who was going to 
wash the clothes all covered in grime and grit
And who was going to make sure the 
shoes were dry for the next day’s rendezvous.

Other memories, so simple but crystal clear…
Stopping beside the road to catch fireflies. 
Pancakes by candlelight on Halloween.
Homemade reversible choir dresses with 
double trim (who’s idea was that?) 
Making stamps from potatoes…
Blackberry cobblers…
A horse head made out of a pillow case and coat hanger...
Flashlight finger shadows on campouts... 
Those endless performances you had to endure…
Not to mention the endless succession of cats
…and one rat.

You taught me everything from baiting my own hook 
To setting a proper table. 
And stood silently by as I found my way 
And made my own mistakes.
I can’t remember you ever throwing any of those
mistakes in my face 
Even though you had ample ammo 
and ample opportunity.

You stood beside me when my heart was broken 
You dropped everything and came when I needed you
Regardless of the time of day or night or how far the trip.

I know you don’t hear the words “Thanks Mom” or “I love you” 
often enough but sometimes they seem so trite 
against the backdrop of a lifetime of incredible memories.

You were the soil from which we grew. 
It is a rich soil and a fertile soil
And it gives depth to your children because our roots are so deep.

Thanks Mom for all the cherished memories of yesterday, 
For being here as we create new memories today,
And I look so forward to the memories we will create on all of the tomorrows to come. 



Please RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR PICTURE AND LOOK AT PROPERTIES. If you picture is smaller than 500KB or 1MG, the vendor can't work with it. Someone, somewhere has the original fie... you will need to track that down.

My Old Photo Is Not Digital
1. Take your photo to CVS (or other photo shop) and request they scan at 400 dpi. You can then email the photo directly to MyArt2Cherish (you will receive the direct email address for sending within 48 hours of purchasing this listing).  If you do not have a home scanner that is specifically designed for photos, please have it professionally scanned.

If you need to mail a photo to scan, the vendor will provide an address and instructions. You will need to include a self addressed, stamped envelope and $4 to have your picture scanned and returned.

1. Purchase this listing.
2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to send your high resolution pictures to My Art 2 Cherish. 
3. You will also include any wording, lyrics...please review words you get from a website, sometimes they are not accurate. Spell check before sending. Also you might want to edit out repetitive phrases.
4. Once they have completed your piece, you will receive an email with a link to view your proof.
5. Once you have approved the proof, your piece of art will ship to the address provided during checkout.
6  You will have the free option to download your photo in high resolution and print as many copies as you want. You many also post on facebook and share in any noncommercial way.

Frequently Asked Questions for vendor:

1. What is my picture printed on? Your photo will be printed on professional grade shimmery (metallic) photo paper. You will received: a 11x14 or 12x12, piece of art depending on the layout of your picture.

2. Can I have pictures printed on something else? Yes! I have access to suppliers who provide a variety of substrates. Let us know what you are thinking in the checkout notes.  However, please be aware that additional charges might need to be applied for certain materials. 

3. Do you do black and white? Several people have asked for b&w. I do them, but always do another one with a touch of color. To date, no one has just ordered the b&w.

4. I don't know which look I want. No problem. Send your picture and tell me if you prefer rich warm tones or cool (bluer) tones.

5. My picture looks great on my computer, why can't you work with it? It all has to do with those tiny dots that make up your picture called pixels. You don't need near as many to view on your computer as you do to make a good print. If you send me small pixels, I can make a picture look great for computer viewing, but when you try to print, you will see a bunch of little squares. Many photographers send "thumbnails" for viewing. If you right click on your picture and look under properties, your photo should be at least 1MG (much higher with a professional). If it's under 300k you are not looking at the original digital file.

6. Will you work on my picture and then let me pay you? No. In order to keep track of orders coming in from a variety of sources, we require payment up front. 

7. Can I send multiple pictures? Yes. I will review them and let you know which one I think will work best. I will only work on one picture per design fee.

This item is final sale and not eligible for return.

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