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​7 Deadly Sins Your Wedding Guests Will Commit

Posted by Sandy D. on

Many things are within your control while wedding planning, but one thing you can’t predict is how your guests will act. Prepare yourself: Your guests will do many things wrong (or a more polite way of saying it, “outside etiquette”) that might be frustrating. Here are a few wedding ‘sins’ you can count on your guests committing:

* Forgetting to RSVP: You put a lot of work into assembling and sending your wedding invites, but you’ll still have several blanks in your RSVP list after your RSVP deadline has passed. Don’t fret—everyone has busy lives and schedules, and it may have just slipped their minds or become lost in a pile. Allow for a grace period of a few extra days, and then contact guests directly to determine if they’ll attend (don’t just assume they won’t show up!).

* Posting details on social media: You can’t wait to surprise your guests with all your carefully-planned wedding details. However, it’s likely that one of your guests will let a surprise or two slip earlier than you’d like on social media (like a photo of your invitation or décor). While that can be annoying, try to be happy that someone is almost as excited as you are!

* Showing up late: Many guests take the start time on your ceremony invite as a mere suggestion, or have a natural inclination to run late. That means you may see some guests sneaking in after your official line up or during important parts of your ceremony. Brush it off, and be glad that your guests cared enough to show up.

* Skipping the ceremony: While some guests will show up late, others may not show up at all. Today, it’s not uncommon to see quite a few less guests at the ceremony than at a reception (often guests bank on you not noticing their absence). If your guests weren’t interested in attending the ceremony, it’s probably better they weren’t there anyway!

* Drinking too much: Of course, you want your guests to have a good time—including enjoying a beverage or two. You may encounter a guest who decides to have a few too many, however, and embarrass themselves on the dance floor or at their table. As long as the behavior isn’t too out of control, it makes for some very entertaining stories for months (or years) after the day!

* Bringing an uninvited guest: Many caterers prepare for this very situation by bringing extra chairs and food. Maybe your guest misunderstood their invite, or maybe they simply swapped dates last minute (without notifying you for your escort cards). Typically, these situations sort themselves out with the help of your vendors!

* Not getting a gift: You’ll be surprised at the number of guests who show up without a card or gift, whether on purpose or on accident. You may even hear several choruses of “I need to send you a gift” or “I have it, I just need to mail it” and still see nothing months later. Know that you’ll never recoup your financial investment in your wedding through gifts, and instead focus on the good time you gave your guests and the memories.

Last, but not least: Honorable mention includes guests stepping on or spilling beer, wine or food on your lovely wedding dress (it happens!). You’ll enjoy your wedding much more if you can brush off the behavior of your guests and be swept up in the romance of your big day.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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