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​9 Fun and Creative Wedding Welcome Gift Bag Ideas

Wedding welcome bags are a great surprise for family and out-of-town guests staying at your hotel(s), and can set the tone for your wedding weekend. In addition to helpful items such as a wedding event schedule and a map, couples often include creative and personalized pieces in their wedding gift bag.Whether you’re planning on a [...]

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​How to Handle Wedding Food Allergies and RSVP Requests

From vegans and vegetarians to guests who are gluten-free, soy-free, kosher and riding the paleo trend, more and more wedding guests are touting allergies, restrictions and diets. While many of these food limitations are legitimate, some RSVP requests can be downright frustrating for you (and your caterer).What happens when someone orders something “off-menu” at a [...]

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​How to Create a “B-List” for Wedding Invites

Putting together your wedding guest list is one of the biggest “to-dos” on your wedding planning checklist—and it can be a total headache. Who makes the cut, and who doesn’t? If you have a lot of people you’d like to invite, but need to limit your guest count due to budget or capacity limits, you [...]

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Pros and Cons of Dancing Between Courses at Your Reception

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make about your wedding is your reception format. If you’re dinner is plated, a popular reception format is having all courses served consecutively and then starting the dancing and partying afterward. However, another option is dancing between courses (often called an “East Coast Style” reception format).Some couples [...]

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​5 Regrets Newlyweds Have About Their Weddings

Wedding couples often experience pressure to pull off a “perfect” wedding, which comes at the expense of their pocketbooks (and sanity). Do you ever wonder if what you’re investing in will actually be worth it?While there’s no guarantee that you’re wedding choices or vendors will pan out, you can learn a lot from bridal veterans [...]

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​How to Evaluate a Wedding Floral Proposal

Wedding florals are one of the biggest—and perhaps most surprising—budget items, with wedding couples spending between eight to 10 percent of their overall budget on their wedding flowers. If you aren’t a natural green thumb (or wedding planner by trade), walking into a florist’s office for a discussion and proposal can be intimidating.How do you [...]

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​Should You Play Matchmaker at Your Wedding?

Your seating chart is one of the biggest—and hardest—tasks of your wedding “to do” list. Inevitably, you’ll end up with a few single friends who have chosen not to bring a date (or aren’t allowed a date). Do you pair them with other couples as a “third wheel” or with your other single friends?You may [...]

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​7 Royally-Inspired Wedding Trends

Much like the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding has already inspired a new wave of wedding trends. The new Duchess of Sussex sported her own unique style and included beautiful touches that brides are scrambling to replicate.Here are just a few of the wedding trends influenced [...]

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​Should You Invite Kids to Your Wedding?

Kids or no kids? For many brides and grooms, the choice of whether or not to include little ones at a wedding isn’t always an easy one.There are several reasons why many couples opt for an adults-only wedding reception, including limited space or budget, adult-themed entertainment, and desire for fewer distractions. Your choice might be [...]

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​6 Wines to Serve at Your Wedding

If you’re the type that enjoys knocking back a glass (or bottle) of wine on the daily and have Napa Valley on your “to-do” list, your wedding reception is a great place to share your love for vino. And the best part about offering wine options at your wedding? The research! Whether with your caterer [...]

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