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How to deal with family drama during your wedding planning!

Posted by Sandy D. on

How to Navigate Pre-Wedding Family Drama

A newly-engaged friend and I were at lunch recently when the topic turned to issues she was having with her future in-laws. “She’s criticized the time and location of our wedding already, and she hasn’t been helping me at all!” she said of her future mother-in-law. According to her, shortly after their engagement, her fiance’s mother—previously very calm and “laid-back”—suddenly became overly-judgmental about all wedding choices.

Sound familiar? It’s extremely difficult to avoid interpersonal drama during your wedding planning, whether that be from friends, guests or (most likely) family members. Weddings put stress and emotion levels into overdrive, which brings out both the best and worst in everyone. No matter how delicately you handle wedding planning decisions, you’re bound to offend someone!

Maybe you’re feeling the sudden wrath of your in-laws, or a bridesmaid is upset at being passed over for maid of honor. Or, God forbid, your mom is trying to steal the limelight. In my own case, it was discovering that my sister and maid of honor would be almost nine months pregnant at the altar.

If you’re one of the few to escape the planning process unscathed, more power to you! For the rest who are fanning the family drama flames: While you can’t avoid it entirely, here are three things to remember.

  • 1.Weddings make people crazy. Like, insane. On our wedding day, my mom said she was upset about not feeling ‘needed’ because the vendors were taking care of everything. The freak out from me that followed she claims to not remember. Case in point: Weddings make you cray-cray. Just remember that, and take everything said with a grain of salt.
  • 2.None of this will matter day of. What seems important to you (or others) now won’t be in the future. Your family will more than likely behave well for your big day, believe it or not! Once your family sees how happy you are, they’ll put the drama aside. And you’ll think your day is perfect, flaws and all.
  • 3.You’ll move past the drama eventually. Once the wedding day is past, you won’t have to deal with the stress of coordinating an entire event. That means that everything everyone is fighting over will be past. Unless your family issues are deep (i.e., your marriage involved a feuding gypsy family), everyone will naturally begin to focus on other issues after your wedding.

with love & style from: Sandy (our editorial staff member extraordinaire)

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