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​How to Eat Healthy Pre-Wedding

Posted by Sandy D. on

Many brides, envisioning hundreds of pairs of eyes and wedding photos to be framed for years to come, want to whip their bodies into shape in the weeks or months leading to their wedding. We all want to look and feel our best on our best day ever, right?

It’s natural to want to look trim in your gorgeous wedding gown. However, the key to do this is to maintain a healthy lifestyle (through both diet and exercise) over several months preceding your wedding. Crash dieting last-minute can actually harm your body by slowing your metabolism, increasing your risk of heart issues, zapping your immunity and energy, causing mood swings and hair loss, and—the craziest side effect of all—actually cause you to gain more weight!

Instead of trying a fad, yo-yo or crash diet, consider easing into healthier eating through the following tips. And don’t forget to allow yourself adequate time to start seeing results:

* Pack your lunches: If you have a busy lifestyle, it’s tempting to forget packed lunches and order fast food instead. Packing a homemade lunch will save you many calories, and you can pack several days of food in one sitting to make it easier to eat right throughout the week.

* Eat moderate portions: Don’t eat an entire package or plate of something just because it’s set in front of you. Read labels for the appropriate portion size, or use the following suggestions: Pasta should be the size of the front of a clenched fist, meat the size of your first, butter the size of your fingertip, and cheese the size of your thumb (if you have more, save it for another meal!).

* Eat regularly: Skipping meals will likely lead to overeating or snacking later in the day. Instead, eat smaller meals at least every five hours, preferably more, to keep your metabolism functioning and burn more calories.

* Get a variety of nutrients: If you want your hair, skin and body to be looking and functioning great on your wedding day, make sure you have a well-balanced diet with a variety of nutrients. Consider a diet high in dairy, whole grains, fish, nuts, fruits, and veggies, and low in saturated fat, carbs, and refined sugar.

* Drink plenty of fluids: Fluids keep your metabolism high and burning calories, flushes your system of toxins and eases digestion. Keep a water bottle nearby at all times to remember to fill up regularly!

* Keep a food diary: Sometimes it helps to keep track of your eating habits, to spot areas you can improve on. Start writing down what you eat (snacks included!) and calculating whether you’re eating the right amount of calories for your body type.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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