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​How to Handle Unruly Guests (or Bridal Party Members)

Posted by Sandy D. on

Let’s face it: There’s usually at least one wedding guest you and your fiancé will raise eyebrows on, but can’t say no to inviting. Maybe it’s the creepy uncle who hits on all your friends, the bridesmaid who parties just a little too hard or the groom’s friend who always wants to bring a sketchy date.

You know these guests mean well, but you’re kept up at night wondering when/if these guests will ruin your wedding day fun. How can you ensure these guests will stay in line?

* Talk with them ahead of time: Sharing your concerns upfront will be an uncomfortable—but totally necessary—step. Let your guest know how much they mean to you and how much you want them to be a part of your day, but also let them know you want everything to go well and fear their typical behavior might interfere. You might be surprised by how understanding they’ll be, and more self-aware of their actions for your wedding (and even after).

* Limit the temptations: Of course you can’t prevent every little thing from happening, but you can do your best to control the variables in the situation. If you’re worried certain bridal party members will get out of hand if they drink, provide mocktails pre-ceremony instead of alcoholic drinks. If you’re worried your uncle might get a little too flirty with other guests, seat him with older guests who can keep him in line.

* Hire a ‘sitter’: For peace of mind, it might help to enlist someone to keep an eye on your guest during the ceremony and wedding. Have another bridal party or family member keep tabs on that specific guest and do their best to prevent their usual behavior. If that doesn’t work, you may have to request back-up from hired security at your event.

* Feel okay to disinvite: If you’re still in doubt (or your guest has made a legitimate threat), there’s no shame in asking them not to come. In the end, your wedding is supposed to be about celebrating your love as a couple. If someone purposely tries to distract from that or doesn’t give you the support you need, don’t feel too guilty saying you’d rather them stay at home for the evening.

Often, major events like weddings can change or shape the relationships we have with others in the future. Do your best to embrace the friends and characters that help strengthen your relationship with your fiancé, and avoid relationships that may end up making your marriage that much more difficult.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (our lovely newlywed and bridal blogger extraordinaire)

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