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​How to Keep Friendships While Wedding Planning

Posted by Sandy D. on

Wedding planning can become an all-consuming project for a bride and groom. So, how do you avoid it getting in the way of your relationships with friends and family members?

For many couples crossing off wedding to-dos weekly (or even daily), the wedding day is always top of mind. Unfortunately, not everyone is as engaged or invested in your wedding as you are. No matter how good your intentions, constant wedding talk can eventually rub some people the wrong way.

If you’re feeling some friction between you and your friends, consider trying these tactics to get back in their good graces:

* Ask for input: One issue may be that you’re simply talking at your friends, rather than engaging them for feedback. Make sure to sprinkle in a few questions to get your friends interested in the topic, and show that you are seriously considering their advice.

* Tone down wedding talk: Do you feel yourself becoming a chatterbox the moment someone asks, “How’s wedding planning going?” It’s important to monitor yourself during conversations and make sure you aren’t overwhelming others with information. Then, include questions about your friends in return to show reciprocal interest.

* Make time for non-wedding activities: Engaging in non-wedding-related activities is healthy for you and your relationships. While it may feel like your life is suspended for months or years during wedding planning, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities to enjoy time as an engaged couple (or to spend quality time with the people you love).

* Thank friends for help: If you’ve asked others to help with any part of the wedding (i.e., the bridal shower, invitations, etc.), show your appreciation. If your friends or family feel like they’re being underappreciated—or even used—this could damage your relationship even past the wedding period.

* Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments: Whether you like it or not, your friends may begin to think you’re self-obsessed if the wedding seems to take over your life. Show your friends that you’re equally engaged in their lives by encouraging their own projects. Make time to meet your friend’s new love interest, go out for drinks when someone gets a promotion, or throw a birthday party for someone you love.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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