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Wedding candy buffet tables are a sweet option! (pun intended)

Posted by Our Editorial Staff on

Candy Wins the Race Everytime!

     If you’ve ever seen a child have a complete melt down, chances are, sugar came into play somewhere along the line. That, or lack of sleep. Think of your wedding guests like small children. You want them to be happy, social, and sugar-charged so that they last the length of the reception, and if you can save yourself some money in process, all the better!

     Candy tables are one of the quickest, most cost efficient ways to infuse fun and style into your reception. Forget about individual trinkets or wedding favors waiting at each place setting; set up a candy table and watch your guests go nuts. Place small gifts bags on each end of the table, then let your guests pick and choose whatever candy suits their sweet tooth. Have a wide variety, from chocolate to suckers; mints to jelly beans. Plus, it makes everyone feel like a 5 year old, and that’s certainly never a bad thing. 

     To keep things in line with the wedding theme, match the candy table with your color scheme. Candy packaging in silver, white, and gold compliment nearly every wedding style, and with so many candies on the market, finding some that match your specific colors should be no problem at all. M&M’s offer custom-made chocolates in whatever color you like, and you can write a personalized message on each. Come up with something sassy, silly, or sweet, and watch your guests gush over the awesomeness of your ingenuity!

     with love & style from: Jodi (our editorial staff member extraordinaire)

(and you can do holiday-themed ones too!)

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